Equty Crowdfunding for Gravity Jack

Equty Crowdfunding
Gravity Jack

Project Overview

Challenge:  Gravity Jack, a pioneering augmented reality agency, sought to raise capital through an equity crowdfunding campaign on StartEngine. However, they needed a strategic approach to reach qualified investors and effectively communicate their vision.


Solution: Gravity Jack partnered with our digital marketing agency to develop a multi-pronged investor outreach campaign.

1.Targeted Email Outreach: We crafted personalized email sequences highlighting Gravity Jack's innovative technology and market potential. These emails were sent to a curated list of investors interested in AR and VR advancements.
2.Strategic LinkedIn Outreach: Our team leveraged LinkedIn to connect with relevant investors. Engaging content and direct messaging fostered meaningful connections and conversations.
3.Compelling Copywriting: We created persuasive campaign copy for StartEngine, including a captivating pitch deck and website content. This copy emphasized Gravity Jack's unique value proposition and strong growth potential.


Results: The comprehensive investor outreach campaign delivered exceptional results. Within just one month, Gravity Jack's StartEngine campaign surpassed its target, exceeding $361,000 in raised capital. This influx of funding will fuel Gravity Jack's continued development and solidify their position as a leader in the AR industry.