Digital Marketing for Triagenics

Digital Marketing

Project Overview

Challenge:  Triagencis, a rapidly growing company with impressive revenue and product adoption, aimed to raise capital through an equity crowdfunding campaign on StartEngine. However, reaching the right investors and effectively communicating the value proposition was crucial for success.


Our Solution: Our digital marketing agency implemented a comprehensive investor outreach strategy, leveraging a multi-channel approach

1. Targeted Email Outreach: We crafted personalized email sequences highlighting Triagenics's unique market position, strong financials, and growth potential. These emails were sent to a curated list of potential investors identified through industry research and online databases.
2. LinkedIn Outreach: We engaged with relevant investors on LinkedIn, building connections, sharing compelling content about Triagenics, and sparking conversations about the crowdfunding opportunity.
3. Compelling Copywriting: We developed captivating copy for various platforms, including email subject lines, email body content, and landing pages. This copy emphasized Triagenics's strong track record, future prospects, and the investment opportunity for potential backers.


Results: Within a single month, Vestaboard's StartEngine campaign surpassed expectations by raising over $388,000. The comprehensive investor outreach strategy successfully attracted a significant pool of backers, propelling the campaign towards a successful outcome.