Digital Marketing for Blackroll

Digital Marketing

Project Overview

Challenge: A Swiss fitness gear manufacturer wanted to launch their innovative product on Kickstarter but lacked the digital marketing expertise to reach a broad audience and achieve their funding goals.


Solution: Our agency provided a comprehensive suite of digital marketing services to support their crowdfunding campaign.

1. Campaign Design: We worked closely with the client to craft a compelling campaign narrative, develop engaging visuals, and define clear funding goals and rewards.
2. Targeted Advertising: Leveraging Facebook Ads and Google Ads, we created targeted campaigns to reach potential customers interested in fitness gear and similar products.
3. Email Marketing: We designed and executed an email marketing strategy to build anticipation for the launch and nurture existing leads.
4. Landing Page Design:  A high-converting landing page was developed to capture leads and drive traffic to the Kickstarter campaign.


Through our targeted digital marketing efforts, the campaign achieved remarkable success: 1. Funding Goal Surpassed: The Kickstarter campaign raised an impressive $116,000 within just one month, exceeding their initial funding goal. 2. Increased Brand Awareness: The campaign generated significant buzz and brand awareness for the Swiss fitness gear manufacturer, setting the stage for future success. 3. Key Takeaways: This case study demonstrates the power of a well-executed digital marketing strategy for crowdfunding campaigns. By combining targeted advertising, email marketing, and a captivating landing page, we helped our client secure funding and establish their brand within the fitness market.